Australian Road Covers Pty Ltd is a fully Australian owned grate and access cover manufacturer selling both wholesale and retail. We are a Quality Endorsed company having been in operation over 15 years.

Australian Road Covers are one of the few manufacturers of mild steel access covers, grates and frames, and trench grates and frames in Australia. These products can be painted, or galvanized. Our products can be designed and manufactured in accordance with Australian Standard   AS 3996-2006. Our mild steel access covers are also Vic. Roads approved.

We can manufacture products to any dimension and specialise in large multipart covers, brass edged covers, grease interceptor covers and alike, used in commercial and industrial applications.

Our OZ RANGE of access covers and grate & frames are produced from quality Australian steel and manufactured in our factory with the optional finish of black enamel or galvanizing.

The TITAN RANGE of access covers are a high quatlity ductile iron product that conforms  to Australian standards.

Our CIVIWORX RANGE (when available) are an extremely competitively priced quality galvanized standard range of grates & frames.

We can also build grates to any specification and indeed a number of Melbourne's local councils' have commissioned us to design bike proof grates to their requirements.

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